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Did your Timeshare Salesperson:

  • Present the membership offer to you for more than 90 minutes?
  • Invite you to a free gift, trip, meal or event, which turned into a sales pitch?
  • Tell you that the timeshare would go up in value over time?
  • Claim that you could sell and/or rent your timeshare whenever you wish?
  • Promise that they would buy it back from you if desired?

These are ILLEGAL tactics and are considered fraudulent and coercive. If you were subjected to such treatment, your timeshare company can be held legally accountable.

Timeshare resort companies cannot legally use high-pressure tactics to force you to buy a timeshare membership. Many timeshare companies use lies, intimidation and fraudulent claims, which is illegal.

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  1. Unlike a vacation home which may be vacant part of the year, you only pay for what you use. Thus, the use of a very expensive property could be more affordable; for one thing you don’t need to worry about year-round maintenance.
  2. If you like predictability, you have a guaranteed vacation destination.
  3. You may be able to trade times and locations with other owners, allowing you to travel to new places.
  4. You may be able to rent out your block of time if you can’t use it, although some timeshare contracts may not permit this and website exchange services may charge you to play matchmaker. Here is advice on Renting Your Timeshare
  5. You might enjoy letting your friends or family use their timeshare for free or offer it at a charity auction.


When you buy a timeshare you are agreeing to pay for a vacation every year whether you get to go or not. This comes in the form of maintenance fees, which probably started off low, making that annual vacation seem like a bargain. Unfortunately, many owners have seen their maintenance fees steadily rise year after year. In fact, data from the American Resort and Developers Association (ARDA) shows an annual increase of approximately 8%.

A maintenance fee that was once $475 could be over $800 today. We developed the calculator below to help you plan for the future. Enter your current maintenance fee amount and click the Calculate my Costs button to see how much you must spend over the next five, ten, and twenty years if maintenance fees continue to increase at the current pace.

Add a box where they can add their numbers to calculate what their main fees will be. See this website for example.

Maintenance Fee Calculator
Current Annual Maintenance Fee
Multiply by This Number:
Subtract This Number:
The answer is:

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